[CentOS] Re: hardware raid vs fake raid

Thu Sep 13 15:20:28 UTC 2007
Mogens Kjaer <mk at crc.dk>

Tom Diehl wrote:
> They do but nothing I can find in there tells me if it is real hardware
> raid or fake raid.  Adaptec for example, also says that their fake raid 
> cards
> are comaptable with Linux but they do not clearly specify if it is fake 
> raid
> or true hardware Raid. AFAIK the Adaptec cards are all fake Raid. and 
> some of
> ServeRaid cards were also based on the Adaptec chipset and hence Fake Raid.

My IBM x3500 machines have this card:

# lspci
03:00.0 RAID bus controller: Adaptec AAC-RAID (Rocket) (rev 02)

I'm not quite sure if this also has an IBM serveraid name.

I don't think it is fakeraid; setting up raid devices can take
place at bios level, the buildup of the RAID5 or RAID6 volumes
can run without any drivers loaded.

If this is fakeraid I would like a clear definition of the term


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