[CentOS] NFS and iptables issues

Thu Sep 13 21:34:33 UTC 2007
Steve Searle <steve at stevesearle.com>

Around 09:22pm on Thursday, September 13, 2007 (UK time), Chuck Campbell scrawled:

> I've got a newly installed Centos 5.0 box, planned to replace an ageing server
> (solaris box).  I've set up the nfs shares, but the other solaris boxes
> won't mount them, unless I turn of iptables on the Centos box.  If I do that,
> they mount, and all operations tested to date work fine. 
> Iptables is allowing the 2049 tcp and udp ports already.  What else needs to
> be opened up in iptables for nfs to work through the firewall?
> I looked at the RHEL system admin guide on NFS and found nothing useful.

Look at my documentation at
http://www.stevesearle.com/tech/faq.html#nfs0010 to see what you need to



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