[CentOS] [CentOS 5] tftp-server, unable to create new files (even with "-c" option)

Thu Sep 13 22:03:16 UTC 2007
Davide Grandis <davide.grandis at fastwebnet.it>

Hi Grant,

No luck again with the w/a you provided.

Here is the result of more investigation:

1) disabled (disable = yes) in /etc/xinetd.d/tftp

2) reboot or just "service xinetd restart"

3) run in.tftpd

Writing to a new file still fails. This is what I discovered from / 

Sep 13 23:56:39 chl1 xinetd[2301]: START: tftp pid=3036 from=

That is, xinetd automatically starts TFTP when a TFTP request comes  
in. in fact is the IP address of the switch from which  
I'm trying to TFTP-ing.

Checking the processes it turns out that:

[root at chl1 log]# ps -ef | grep tftp
root      3014  2813  0 23:55 pts/2    00:00:00 ./in.tftpd -c -v -u  
root -s /tftpboot
root      3036  2301  0 23:56 ?        00:00:00 in.tftpd -s /tftpboot
root      3043  2888  0 23:57 pts/3    00:00:00 grep tftp
[root at chl1 log]#

two tftpd are running. Apparently the one responding is the one w/o  
the '-c' option!!!

Can someone please explain to me why xinetd is starting tftp, even if  


On Sep 13, 2007, at 7:52 PM, Grant McChesney wrote:

> On 9/13/07, Davide Grandis <davide.grandis at fastwebnet.it> wrote:
> Hi Grant,
> Thanks for the support.
>> I had this same problem when trying to back up my switch configs.   
>> After some googling, I found a workaround for RH-based systems.   
>> The workaround is disable tftp in xinetd, and run in.tftpd  
>> manually.  I never figured out why it would not work with xinetd.
> May I ask you to tell me the detailed steps to achieve that... I'm  
> an absolute beginner! :-)
> Thanks again,
> Davide
> Here's the post about this problem on fedora forum:
> http://forums.fedoraforum.org/archive/index.php/t-109735.html
> Here's the ugly workaround:
> In /etc/xinetd.d/tftp, set disable  = yes
> Restart xinetd (/etc/init.d/xinetd restart)
> Run in.tftpd (for example, "/usr/sbin/in.tftpd -l -c -v -u root -s / 
> tftpboot")
> You can add the previous command to /etc/rc.local to make it start  
> on boot.
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