[CentOS] Re: centos] CentOS 5 on IA64

Fri Sep 14 15:12:27 UTC 2007
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On Tuesday 11 September 2007, R P Herrold wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Sep 2007, Lamar Owen wrote:
> > What is the minimum for actual hardware?  I have a small
> > s390 here that I've been looking for a reason to power up.
> > What sort of access is needed?
> Goodness ... the Stuff you have in your closet at PARI.

:-)/ ~

I didn't mention the SUN E5500 and E6500 or the Dec AlphaServer 2100 with quad 
275MHz 21164's....or some of the other arcane hardware lying around that's 
been donated to us (like 1992-vintage Proteon 68020-base Multibus routers; 
Cisco's only competition to the AGS line back then).

> Best as I had roughed out plans for a builder some months ago,
> would be access to a console with root access, and a rebooter,
> and a side unit (a generic PC box with plenty of HD space,
> with a 'crossover cable' network to the s390, and a seperate
> interface pointing 'upstream' to reach the outside build
> master endpoint), with sufficient space to push images onto
> and to pull from

Whew.  As typical, you have thoroughly thought through things.  Let me see if 
the beast will power up and whether the OS/2 console processor comes up 
before we make too many plans, though.  And, as I mentioned, it is a SMALL 
s390; but it is the genuine article, Model 3006.  As I said, a little box.  
Its usability will depend entirely upon whether the disks are wiped or not, I 
would think; but it does still have the disks, at least.  A few 18.2GB units, 

If someone would like to donate a midsized 208VAC-capable (single-phase OK, 
but has to be 208 and not 240, or at least jumperable) UPS to the effort, 
about a 3000VA unit or so, that would help matters considerably!  All my good 
UPS's are 120VAC at this point (my one good 208VAC unit threw a battery a few 
weeks ago; 8 12-270 UPS batteries will blow my equipment budget right now, so 
it is off line and the Cisco 12012 router it served is degraded to standby 
status on the OC3); while we have a 500KW generator out back, the start delay 
would be enough to down the box.  Or a 48VDC input 3000VA inverter (a pair of 
1500's probably would work) with either a 208 or a 240 output; I have plenty 
of -48VDC power.
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