[CentOS] Multiple IP Address

Tue Sep 18 14:04:41 UTC 2007
Brett Serkez <bserkez at gmail.com>

On 9/14/07, Brett Serkez <bserkez at gmail.com> wrote:
> > pretty sure thats configurable in SMB.CONF
> >
> > [global]
> >     interfaces =  [ (ip address or network interface or ip/mask or
> > broadcast/mask) ...]
> Researched this before I emailed originally, this doesn't do it.
> Even if I specify only the subnet I want in all these places, the
> behavior is unaffected.
> The reason I posted to CentOS and not SAMBA is that from what I can
> tell, the decision as to what address to return seemed to have more to
> do with the OS.
> Does anyone on this know how the OS determines which IP address to
> choose when asked for its address when it has multiple choices.  From
> the best I can tell so far, it seems to be the last adapter to start,
> the last one listed in ifconfig.

While I have not resolved the issue, after more research I believe it
is a SAMBA (nmbd) issue.  I appreciate all the responses I've gotten,
they have been helpful!  In particular, using nbtstat -R to flush the
NetBIOS cache on the Windows client to be sure of results is very

This is not a routing, interface or multi-homing issue.  The issue
seems to be within the nmbd daemon and how it selects ip addresses to
return in answer to name queries.

So far I've not found a way to control or alter this behavior.  I did
find the following reference in regard to a variant of the nmbd
daemon, a -I option that doesn't seem to be implemented in the current


          On some systems, the server is unable to determine  the
          correct  IP address to use. This allows you to override
          the default choice.

Since this system acts as a backup VPN server, I've temporarily
disabled OpenVPN to control the behavior so that I can use it to
experiment on another project which requires "correct" name

If I find a resolution, I'll reply back to the list.

Thanks to all,