[CentOS] How to mount a remote file system to another linux box

Wed Sep 19 07:37:06 UTC 2007
Tomasz Napierała <zen at allegro.pl>

On Wednesday 19 September 2007 09:22:49 Indunil Jayasooriya wrote:
> I think I expect something like exporting  folder containing graphs via
> NSF.
> I have never used NSF. I think it may be someting easy.
> below is the location of graphs (these graphs are on my firewall - ip is
> ) i want to export it to webserver @
> /opt/polltc/polltc-1.05/eth1-1-tc.png
> /opt/polltc/polltc-1.05/eth1-24-tc.png
> can U help me for the above.

As you wish ;)
On the server (firewall in your case) edit /etc/exports and add:

(ro) will prevent NFS clients from writing to that location at server level 

On the client (webserver) simply add similar line to /etc/fstab /graphs nfs defaults 0 0

/graphs must exist on clinet machine. Then point youd httpd to /graphs.


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