[CentOS] Linux groups and policies

Thu Sep 20 06:16:51 UTC 2007
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

umair shakil wrote:
> Dear,
> Thanks for help, i need a proper link or documentation. i dont only 
> need to excute the command but needs to edit the file too. I made some 
> attempt but not effected,

I'd recommend jsut about any introduction to unix administration book, 
that should explain the file access rights.

> i m using ubunto as desktop, put my site in /var/www/umair. i made the 
> group data. put
> user alpacino in it and chown root:data to /var/www/umair. when i edit 
> index.html through
> user alpacino it says changing Readonly file.

why would root own your website?  far more common for the user to own 
his own website files.

anyways, does group 'data' have write privileges to the file 
/var/www/umair/index.html ?