[CentOS] Postfix Questions

Thu Sep 20 20:04:19 UTC 2007
Lanny Marcus <mailing-lists at computer2.com>

On 18 September 2007, John Hinton <webmaster at ew3d.com> wrote:
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> Also, we run the SpamHaus blacklist. This works pretty good for
> inbound, but from time to time one of our hosting clients winds up on
> the blocklist because they are on a dynamic IP and someone else has
> recently used it for spamming. One could argue that my client should
> then go remove their IP from the blacklist to better insure their
> email actually makes it through any other level of spam filtering on
> other ISPs. But, that's a rosey concept! 

John: That happened to us, this week. I was unable to use the SMTP on my
web site for somewhere between 48-67 hours, because of Spamhaus.
Apparently, this morning, when my wife powered things up, we got a clean
IP address. When I went to the Spamhaus web site, it showed the IP
numbers clear, but, on other lists. Supposedly, if one uses SMTP
Authentication, this problem goes away. However, I have always used SMTP
Authentication. I do not want to change to another web hosting ISP,
because this problem might follow me. And, I've been with them for
almost 6 years. Also, Spamhaus says the problem should go away, in 1 or
2 hours, and in the past that was true, but not this time. Good for you,
to want to handle this in a better way for your clients! Lanny