[CentOS] A special kernel for linux as guest os

Thu Sep 20 22:16:09 UTC 2007
Yuji Tsuchimoto <nox at sea-mew.jp>

Dear Yagi-san,

> I heard from the horse's mouth that the CentOS team is working on the
> 100Hz centosplus kernel. I think your request triggered the action :-)
>  They want make people happy.
That sounds nice!
This TIPS, CONFIG_HZ=100, is one of FAQs. It will make most of us happy.

Now we can get kernel-vm package on dev.centos.org.
Is it a test release of the special kernel?
I installed the kernel-vm. Its change-log shows HZ=100.
And the kernel seems better for clock interval on VMWare.
Thanks a lot.