[CentOS] Disk De-Fraging in Linux

Fri Sep 21 02:03:36 UTC 2007
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

Al Sparks wrote:
>> Al Sparks wrote:
>>> A couple of questions.  Are there any linux tools that can de-frag an
>>> ext2/3 partition?

ext2, yes. ext3, no. And it is called a filesystem. A partition is a 
completely different thing. none for ext3 because it was not really 
necessary for ext2 and so the tool never got updated.

>>> Are there any advantages to doing so if you're running hardware RAID5?
>>> Are there advantages / disadvantages if you're running LVM?
>>>    === Al
>> you're in luck cause you don't defrag an ext2/3 partition at all. defrag
>> is for windows file systems. Ext file systems are a different animal
>> all-together.
> Why?  What's different between NTFS and ext2/3 that defragging is
> needed in one but not the other?

Implementation and design?