[CentOS] Disk De-Fraging in Linux

Fri Sep 21 02:03:52 UTC 2007
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That or run buzzsaw (win)  which is a continuous defragmenter (well, when the system is idle that is) that runs in the background and only costs $10.  Pagedefrag from sysinternals doesn't hurt either (and it's free off ms' website).  And no, I'm not affiliated with either I just like the products.


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>> you're in luck cause you don't defrag an ext2/3 partition at all. defrag
>> is for windows file systems. Ext file systems are a different animal
>> all-together.
> Why?  What's different between NTFS and ext2/3 that defragging is
> needed in one but not the other?

IMHO, defragging is highly overrated in NTFS too.  it was the old
FAT/FAT32 file system that suffered from horrible performance when
heavily fragmented.

that said, the best way to defrag a file system is to dump it to
external media, delete then recreate the file system and restore the dump.

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