[CentOS] searching for yum packages necessary for mail gateway

Mon Sep 24 11:01:13 UTC 2007
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Rogelio Bastardo wrote:
> I'm looking for the Red Hat equivalent of this Debian statement
> "apt-get –y install postfix mailscanner spamassassin bind9 clamav ssh
> webmin webmin-core logwatch libspf2-0 libmail-spf-query-perl"
> "yum search" can't find some of the packages. Is there some sort of
> online DB or something that I can search through to see which
> repository I need to enable for some of those programs?

You seem to need additional repositories for doing so.

There is no mailscanner rpm for CentOS I'm aware of, as the author seems
to be against packaging (I only picked that up during some discussion,
so don't ask me for further details).

Spamassassin is in the base repository, newer versions are in the
(trusted) rpmforge repository. logwatch is installed by default anyway.
bind is in the base repository (and we only ship bind9, so there is no
need to distinguish between versions). The two spf packages are in
rpmforge again (perl-Mail-SPF and perl-Mail-SPF-Query). sshd is
installed by default, postfix is available from base. 

webmin is installable from rpmforge, but you don't want that version,
as it is too old (no need for webmin on a mail gateway anyway, if you
ask me). 

Instead of mailscanner you could use amavisd-new, which again is
available from rpmforge. clamav is also available from rpmforge (but
split across several packages, you probably want clamd).

See <http://wiki.centos.org/Repositories/> for more information about
additional repositories.


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