[CentOS] Formatting a large disk

Mon Sep 24 13:54:34 UTC 2007
Rajeev R Veedu <rajeev at cracknell.com>

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William L. Maltby wrote:
> IIRC, sector size is controlled at the hardware level(used to be set
> with jumpers and/or low-level format programs?). I seem to recall that
> new drives don't really have "sectors" anymore, but have supporting
> circuits/(EE)proms that emulate that?

>no, sectors are still 512 bytes (plus ECC and header info) on the 
>physical disk.  its the 'heads' and 'cylinders' that are abstracted.  
>there's still heads and cylinders, its just that different zones of the 
>disk have differing sector/track counts.

I got a Gparted live CD and tried to create a partition for 3tb but still
the maximum size of partition I could create is 0.75gb. it shows 2.0tb space
as unused but If I add another partition it doesn't take(it says no empty
cylinders). The version I am tiring to install is centos5.