[CentOS] Zoneminder-1.22.3-6.fc7.i386.rpm has dependency errors on Centos5 server-how to fix?

Tue Sep 25 04:34:17 UTC 2007
Dennis Gilmore <dennis at ausil.us>

Once upon a time Monday 24 September 2007, umair shakil wrote:
> Salam!!!
> Well, i havenot faced such kind of issues. Its about months i am running
> applications
> and their performance also seems to be good enough.
> Secondly, why using srpms, another way i gave the source download, well man
> cpan is not be useable in this scenario.
> Regards,
> Umair Shakil
Using SRPMS  you build from source and get rpms that you can install.  you 
then know what installed the files on your system and when updates break 


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