[CentOS] Zimbra vs. Scalix vs. et. al.

Tue Sep 25 13:00:30 UTC 2007
Count Of Dracula <countofdracula at gmail.com>

On 9/1/07, John Hinton <webmaster at ew3d.com> wrote:
> Well, I stumbled onto zimbra....
> I have a Scallix system built, but still have some rough edges to try to
> smooth. Like the way it works with sendmail, no dnsbl's will work as
> sendmail sees all mail as coming from locohost (scalix). Still battling
> that one which is when I ran across Zimbra.
> So, this made me start wondering.
> Are there other exchange server-like products out there?
> Has anyone dealt with Scalix and Zimbra (or another from the question
> above) and would you care to post pros and cons to each?
> Some of the cons to me with Scalix.
> It uses it's own directory structure which is non-sensical to any admin.
> Each seems to be assigned on a numbering system.. finding who has what
> where is not fun and I fear will be a nightmare in the future. Sendmail
> milters work fine to a point, but there is the limit of filtering using
> dnsbl's and it appears it will require setting up sendmail as the
> receiver, passing to scalix, passing back to sendmail, passing back to
> scalix and the user mail boxes... adding an extra loop.
> Shared folder are nice.. shared calendars are pretty good although I
> don't see a way to sort by user are even really see immediately for
> which user the event exists. You can drag and drop from Outlook IMAP a
> file directly to the server, but internally we don't use outlook... but
> for other clients this could be nice.
> So, how are those Zimbra installs going and what's the scoop?
> Thanks,
> John Hinton

To add my bones in the fire also have a look at opengroupware.