[CentOS] MP3 plugin for XMMS media player - CentOS 4.4

Tue Sep 25 21:12:42 UTC 2007
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On Tue, 25 Sep 2007 21:44:37 +0100
Andrew Allen <andy.allen at virgin.net> took out a #2 pencil and

> On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 12:57 -0700, Barry Schiffman wrote:
> > eers.com/r
> Thanks Barry,
> I've downloaded and installed mpg123 etc i386.rpm for rhel 4
> (CentOS 4.4), but still can't play MP3 files - any idea what I
> have to do next to get it working?
> Thanks,
> Andy

What you are looking for is xmms-mp3 from rpmforge. It is located
on that same site you were given before. Dag's site. You can also
add the rpmforge to your yum repo list to get access without havin'
to browse about. That's up to you and off topic though.

I do not recall if you need to actually enable the plugin within
xmms though. You can do so by right clicking the xmms main window
and left clicking "Options" and then Preferences. You'll be greeted
with a new window and you'll make note of the first tab "Audio I/O
Plugins". Select (click one time) MPEG Layer 1/2/3 Player 1.2.10
[libmpg123.so] The version number may be different for you. Click
the "Enable Plugin" check box or button. Click Okay and then you
should be good to go.

Alex White
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