[CentOS] General question about PHP

Wed Sep 26 03:24:55 UTC 2007
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This is just an off the cuff guess, but you can associate the .php file extension so that it's treated like .htm in those select directories.  You would have to do this in your httpd.conf and on a specific per directory basis or, if you're using virtual hosts, you can put the assignment in the config for the vhost that you want php disabled.


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Is that possible to disable running of PHP on certain directories? 
I am running a server which provides personal homepage service. However, not every user are familiar with security, some may upload some PHP scripts with bugs/holes. I do not want them to be executed on the server. 
I can enable the safe_mode, but I have some other PHP scripts which need safe_mode to be disabled. 
Any suggestions? 
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