[CentOS] Traffic control

Wed Sep 26 15:27:09 UTC 2007
Guy Boisvert <boisvert.guy at videotron.ca>

Hi all,

	I'm searching a CentOS based solution to have a control over the number
of connections to various services depending on overall used bandwidth.

	To give you a more accurate representation of what i mean, let's say we
have some live WEB video feeds (M$ WME, embedded in WEB Pages hosted on
an Apache server), a Darwin streaming on demand server (Links on WEB
pages, Apache), FTP server and regular WEB traffic.

	I'm already doing traffic shaping so the real time traffic has higher
QoS  (we use pfSense firewall).  The problem, as you know, is that
traffic shaping is not enough to ensure real time traffic will get
through when bandwidth gets maxed out.  The problem arise when the
number of connections to streaming servers gets higher than the capacity
of the link.  I need to limit the number of connections to a safe
maximum.  The link is a symmetric 10 Mbps and we are not in a position
to raise that for now.

	I'd see something like a "traffic director" that sense the used
bandwidth and controls the amount of connections to servers.  Is there
something that looks like that in CentOS?  And how to inform the clients
to connect later if their connection is temporarily refused (a timeout
is not very elegant!)?

	I heard that their are some commercial products that does about that
but i'm searching for an open source solution if it exists.


Guy Boisvert
IngTegration inc.