[CentOS] Re: Equivalent to Solaris Zones?

Wed Sep 26 22:49:35 UTC 2007
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Mon, 24 Sep 2007, John R Pierce wrote:

> Scott Silva wrote:
> > Andy Harrison spake the following on 9/24/2007 11:57 AM:
> >
> > > I just wondered if there was an equivalent to Solaris Zones available
> > > for Linux.  Not necessarily a full blown separate operating system
> > > like vmware, but more like chroot on steroids...
> >
> > There are quite a few similar products, but from what I read about Solaris
> > Zones, it is more like Zen or VMWare that just chroot.
> Zones uses one system-wide Solaris kernel, its only userspace and devices and
> such that are virtualized.  It does create per zone network devices, as well
> as security.

OpenVZ is what you are looking for. Short summary:

 - only one kernel shared between host and guests (lower overhead)
 - memory and VFS cache can be shared (huge memory win)
 - easy to setup and manage

There are some drawbacks as well because of the characteristics. But
depending on what you want to do, OpenVZ can be useful.

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