[CentOS] too many links error when creating directories

Fri Sep 28 04:35:36 UTC 2007
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

chitgoks wrote:
> hi , our centos os has an ext3 file system. and i cant create any more 
> directories, it gives me a too many links error, even when doing a 
> manual mkdir.
> is there any workaround for this? without changing it to a different 
> file system like reiserFS? we dont have a reiserfs module in the os so 
> it will have to be installed. and can it be possible to install a 
> reiserFS without having to reformat the os? just mount it after 
> installing? please advise


    # tune2fs -l /dev/hda2 

(or whatever) and note how many inodes on this file system.  I'm 
assuming you're out of free inodes.    If this isn't the case, then stop 
right now, I'm wrong.

assuming you do need to increase the inode count, backup all the files 
on this file system to temporary media


    # mkfs.ext3 -N XXXXX /dev/hda2

where XXXXX is some larger number of inodes suitable for your 
application.   I wouldn't increase by any more than the free block count 
shown in that tune2fs report.

then remount the file system and restore your backup.