[CentOS] RPM package wish list

Fri Sep 28 09:22:41 UTC 2007
Tomasz 'Zen' Napierala <zen at allegro.pl>

On Friday 28 September 2007 02:14:30 mark pryor wrote:
> hello,
> Does our beloved Centos project have a page where one can request that an
> RPM package be built, especially for C5? How about alerts when those
> requests have been satisfied?
> I know about 3rd party repos like rpmforge, epel, and kbextras. I can
> search those in YUM.
> Centos seems to have specialized as a server OS in the past, but my
> experience is that it is an up and coming desktop/workstation OS too. Many
> folks might like to see packages built that are more Desktop oriented,
> which are not available in upstream, nor in the 3rd party repos.
As you may know, CentOS is strictly following upstream, e.g RHEL, and this 
simple rule is it's biggest strenght. I'm affraid that the only way to 
provide extra packages is through 3rd party repos. From rpmforge 
website: "Apart from reporting problems, you could request other useful tools 
and programs to be added. Or even better, send us a working package that we 
can build on."

Tomasz Napierala
System Administrator
Allegro Team