[CentOS] 5.1 did not detect marvell e-net controller

Tue Apr 1 12:09:59 UTC 2008
James Fidell <james at cloud9.co.uk>

John wrote:

> Since the errors @ 1000gbs have you tried the asus provided linux
> driver??

I shall give that a go next.

> BTW you do have gig e net cabability right? Switches? You can
> try "ethtool eth0" and try to force gig connectivity. Or like you said
> jumbo frames, but does your switching hardware support that?

Yes, I have a gig-e switch :)

I think there may be an interoperability problem with the card and
switch I'm using -- even at 100Mb it isn't entirely reliable whereas
other devices are.  In a 100Mb switch it works fine.  Next step is to
put e100 and e1000 cards in and test those on the gig-e switch.  I'll
also try dropping back to the release on the Asus site, though it does
look like it's just an earlier release of the same driver as the
Marvell one, rather than a different codebase altogether.