[CentOS] mysql data

Tue Apr 1 16:32:00 UTC 2008
Ray Leventhal <centos at swhi.net>

Barry L. Kline wrote:
> Ray Leventhal wrote:
> | Where does mysql actually store databases and tables in the filesystem?
> If you're asking because you're concerned about backup/restore then
> you'll want to forget about the location of the data files and instead
> use the mysqldump command to make your backups.
> If you're interested from the capacity planning standpoint then the
> answer is that CentOS configures MySQL to live in the /var/lib/mysql
> directory.
> Barry
Thanks to all who replied.  My reason for wanting to know the location 
of the actual databases and tables is that I had a crash and rebuilt a 
new system.  I hadn't done mysqldump(s) of the databases recently enough 
to the crash to be useful, so I am going to temporarily mount the drive 
that contained /var from the old system (thankfully, that partition is 
sound) and just pull that data out.

/var/lib/mysql is the answer I needed.  I've since implemented a backup 
strategy which I found online [1].  The only difference between what I 
am running and the posted script is the location of the mysqldump file. 
In the example it's in /usr/local/bin, in Cent it's in /usr/bin

Kind regards,
[1] http://www.tech-recipes.com/mysql_tips221.html