[CentOS] openldap on Centos 5.1 with TLS

Tue Apr 1 21:01:29 UTC 2008
David Hláčik <david at hlacik.eu>

Hi, sorry for the stupid question,

but however i am following all howtos and tutorials it is not working

1) i have created CA certificate - /etc/pki/tls/misc/CA -newca
2) i have generated a new request - /etc/pki/tls/misc/CA -newreq
3) i have signed certificate /etc/pki/tls/misc/CA -signreq

SO i have CA in /etc/pki/CA
i have newkey.pem
i have newcert.pem
i have also cealrkey.pem (without passphrase)

*$ openssl rsa < newkey.pem > clearkey.pem*

What to do next?? What to put in slapd.conf in order to make it work?? What
to put in ldap.conf in order to communicate

Really thanks in advance!!

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