[CentOS] lvm VolGroup00 problem after disk upgrade

Wed Apr 9 12:15:53 UTC 2008
David Hláčik <david at hlacik.eu>

Hi to all, i am facing a really strange problem ,and i am not able to find a
solution by myself and it is really critical for me to solve it asap :(

I have replaced old sata disk with new one on centos , i did a whole cp -a
copy from single mode do new disk.
What i have done?

1) using fdisk created sdb1 (Linux) and sdb2 (Linux LVM)

1) created volume group boss on new disk at sda2
2) created group volumes root, home, swap
3) formated /dev/mapper/boss-root with ext3
4) fromated /dev/mapper/boss-home with ext3
5) created mkswap on /dev/mapper/boss-swap
6) formated /dev/sdb1 with ext3 (will be boot)

mounted all under /new
and did cp -a from current disk to /new location (without /proc and /tmp)
then created /new/proc and /new/tmp directory

after that i turned off computer and removed old disk (sda)

booted using centos cd with linux rescue
everything got mounted under /mnt/sysimage
chrooted to /mnt/sysimage
then i edited /etc/fstab with current values :
/dev/mapper/boss-root for roor
/dev/mapper/boss-home for home
/dev/mapper/boss-swap for swap

edited /etc/grub.conf with root= /dev/mapper/boss-root
did grub-install /dev/sda

and now the problem

after kernel load i will get info that GroupVol00 (which was lvm group on
old disk does not exist)
info about boss group fonded
and then i will get an error that /dev/root ???? does not exist
and then that /proc does not exist
and then kernel panic

Where is the problem?
I did this whole process so many times without error and know i am stuck do
not know where.
I checked lvm.conf double, checked if /etc/fstab /etc/grub.conf configured
checked using lvm syntax for lvm ...

Thanks in advance!
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