[CentOS] snmpd wont start on CentOS 4.4?

Thu Apr 10 02:09:07 UTC 2008
Gustavo <gustavo at scire.coppe.ufrj.br>

Hello All,

Ive searched the arqchives, but didnt find anything like this.. Maybe im
missing some trick here...

The problem:
I've instaled snmpd and snmp-utils packages with yum.
Im using and old simple .conf file, i've been using on my fedora 1 box,
but when I try to start snmpd, it just says OK, (Starting
snmpd..........[OK]), but the service dont work at all. I dont see any
process running with "ps".
Ive checked the logs, and found that it could be related to SE Linux and I
tryed to disable it, but it still doesnt work.
Im not using iptables localy, so, its not iptables related.
Already tryed uninstall <> install.

Any trick here?
Thanks a lot.


BTW: Its currently working on my fedora1. This is the last thing I need to
fix to upgrade.