[CentOS] GUI

Mon Apr 21 07:28:02 UTC 2008
hamood Iqbal <hamuod at gmail.com>


i am happy user of Centos 5.1 . i have installed Zimbra , Zenoss and
webmin for testing purposes.
Everything was going fine until yesterday when ever i want to go to
yumex Gui it does not open, same with add and remove software when i
click it , it does not open.

also when i go to "services" gui same is happening. Yesterday i
updated the system and rebooted still the problem remains.

everything is fine if i do it through the terminal. but when i want to
access services , network , yumex  , add & remove software they dont
start. other programs like Ooffice work.

if i check in the terminal they are working.

So what is happening ? please help in this matter.

i am  using centos 5.1 on vmware server 1.0.3. will install  on a
production server soon.