[CentOS] Re: How to find available groups for installation via yum ?

Tue Apr 1 16:06:58 UTC 2008
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 4-1-2008 12:45 AM D Steward spake the following:
>> then I've started googling the net and .... ____finally____  I found 
>> the magic combination. One very merciful soul posted the golden
>> combination.
>> yum groupinstall "XFCE-4.4"
> It's unfortunate, but I've been tripped up by yum when doing searches.
> I feel that especially when doing the 'search', 'list', 'whatprovides'
> subcommands, the search term should be case-insensitive.
> This is particularly dumb when the package name is upper-case XFCE, but
> most of the individual rpms are lower-case eg. xfce4-session
> Maybe a command-line option for this?
A case sensitive OS will have issues like this. You are right that there 
should be a case insensitive option to searches, but you would have to do that 
at the yum creators site and wait for it to trickle down.

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