[CentOS] DNS in CentOS

Tue Apr 1 22:42:45 UTC 2008
Filipe Brandenburger <filbranden at gmail.com>

On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 6:22 PM, vincenzo romero <new2xen at gmail.com> wrote:
>  zone "company.com." IN {
>               type forward;
>               forwarders { port 53;
>  };

In myhost.lab.company.com you probably want to do a forward of all
requests to ns.company.com, that would be the "canonical" way of
cascading name servers.

>  I want any other queries that lab.company.com is not authoritative
>  for, to go to the Name Server of company.com.

Exactly, you need a global "forwarders" section in your named.conf
(have a look at the man pages).

>  I did try now to edit a test machine so that its resolv.conf file shows:
>  search lab.company.com company.com
>  nameserver
>  nameserver

You probably don't want both nameservers in resolv.conf, for the
machines in "lab.company.com" you'll want only, and for
the ones in "company.com" you don't want them querying your nameserver
too. Maybe for backup, but then you'd better have two at 192.168.17
and two or more at 10.100.1 network.

>  1.  I can ping, and do host <hostname> and ip address
>  2.  nslookup <hostname> resolves ..
>  3.  but nslookup IPaddress returns with a listing of ROOT servers:

You need to create authoritative zones for the reverse, like

Your questions are starting to go too much DNS and BIND specific. In
this case, I would suggest you to either:
1) Read the DNS and BIND book, which is excellent!!!
2) Look for a mailing list/forum specific to DNS and BIND.

If you're going to run name servers, you should try to improve your
knowledge of DNS. It's not a very simple protocol, and reading a book
such as DNS and BIND will bring you valuable knowledge that will serve
you if you'll ever need to troubleshoot your server.