[CentOS] strange error in df -h

Wed Apr 2 11:34:30 UTC 2008
Ray Leventhal <centos at swhi.net>

Filipe Brandenburger wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 5:15 PM, Ray Leventhal <centos at swhi.net> wrote:
>>  # mount
>>  ...
>>  st0 on status type unknown (rw)
>>  /dev/st0 on status type unknown (rw)
> Well, obviously these are the two that are causing the problem. st0
> seems to be tape drive, but this should never be mounted, as tapes are
> character devices and not block devices.
> You can see that those are not listed in /proc/mounts, which means the
> kernel doesn't know anything about those being mounted. This means
> they are only listed in /etc/mtab, maybe you might edit that file,
> look for those entries and remove them, after that df -h should work
> just fine.
> But that won't tell us why exactly those entries ended up being added
> there. Do you have any backup software that might be using the tape
> drive in a strange way? Or a backup software that is configured to use
> that device as a disk? Or another software (not necessarily backup
> related) that is configured to use those devices? Do you really have a
> tape drive on that machine?
> Anyway, you might also try to reboot the machine and see if the
> problem still happens or ceases to happen.
Hi Filipe,

Yes, there is an actual tape drive in /dev/st0, so that's no mystery.  
The other drives were intended to be used but haven't been fdisk'd so far.
The tape drive is used nightly with Arkeia Network Backup (commercial 
software with which I am in no way affiliated, but recommend highly).