[CentOS] How to create LVM after Centos installation

Wed Apr 2 16:07:27 UTC 2008
S.Tindall <tindalls.gr9x at osccc.com>

>> I wanted to create a Raid0 partition using LVM based on 2 LUNs
>> available;  I was unable to find an LVM GUI selection in the
>> System->Adminsitration selection in the gui .... system-config-lvm is
>> not available.
>> What am I missing during the installation?
>> Vince

>You need to set up a scattered logical volume manually from CLI before doing an installation.

>Boot using a live cd or the rescue cd to do the manual setup.

Sorry, didn't read the title.  You want post installation.

You do the scattered logical volume from CLI.

Look at the lvcreate manpage options -i and -I.

Steve Tindall