[CentOS] Re: sendmail aliases

Wed Apr 2 21:11:26 UTC 2008
John Plemons <john at mavin.com>

Having used and configured both Send mail and Postfix, sendmail was and 
had it's issues. I found it much easier to work with on Open Relays for 
example, the draw back with Sendmail and Postfix may be along the lines 
of Windows and a Mac, there are bunches of Windows machines in the world 
so every little hacker writes viruses for them.  There are very few Mac 

I'm sure there are more people writing hacks and cracks to break into 
sendmail more so than Postfix, so in the scheme of things Postfix may 
just be a better choice.  Like Mozilla over IE...   Thunderbird over 

Not a flame, just a thought....

john plemons

Chris Miller wrote:
> John Plemons wrote:
>> Real simple answer, switch to Postfix and dump sendmail.  Then edit 
>> your alias file to add the aliases, run newaliases and you're done...
> I just don't understand why people still gripe about Sendmail. Yeah, 
> it was a force to be reckoned with in the early days, but it's stupid 
> simple to configure these days, and it's pretty much the default in 
> most *nix distributions. Aside from some folks being intimidated by 
> the thought of mc files and running m4, it's pretty much *as simple* 
> to configure as Postfix.
> If Postfix works for you, hey great, you're free to run whatever you 
> want. Telling someone to switch MTAs in the context of "how do I 
> restore previous functionality in a program I choose to use" is not 
> very constructive.
> Not trying to start a flame war or anything, but just had to say 
> something.
> Regards,
>     Chris
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