Sat Apr 5 17:18:47 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Sat, 2008-04-05 at 18:01 +0100, Alan Bartlett wrote:
> On 05/04/2008, Anne Wilson <cannewilson at googlemail.com> wrote:
>         I understand why you want screenshots - in the early days
>         there are language
>         problems :-)
> As Anne says, above, "A picture is worth a thousand words." I agree.
> John wrote:
>         I knew of the Dell article, as I have all of those saved for
>         reference.
>         [1] I was just wondering if you knew of any that were for
>         someone knew
>         to Linux. You know the Microsoft type tutorials that have
>         screenshot
>         with them. That's the question I get asked a lot of times from
>         around my
>         home area. 
> Answering your question, John: Sorry, no. I don't know of any
> tutorials on this subject that would be appropriate for anyone new to
> a Linux based OS. When I initially read your request, I naively
> assumed you were asking for a straightforward document listing the
> dkms actions for your own use. 
> On Sat, 2008-04-05 at 16:49 +0100, Ned Slider wrote:
> > Whilst I sympathise with your observation, and I'm sure we all know
> > users like that, CentOS isn't Windows and I wouldn't want it to be.
> I
> > would rather we try to educate users to the Linux way of doing
> things
> > rather than turn Linux into a Windows clone. I guess I feel the same
> > about documentation to an extent.
> Ned and I have a very similar point of view here.
> John's latest words:
> > Idea: A separate Wiki for the new users. Don't have links on it
> pointing
> > external sites of how tos. Just have all the basic how tos; Burning
> the
> > centos cdrom in windows with a open source tool like Infra View,
> Nero,
> > or Easy CD Creator. Using the network GUI Config Tool for Dial Up
> Access
> > and DSL or Cable Internet and Local Intranet. How to add a user with
> the
> > GUI tool. Thing of this sort is like putting the iceing on the cake
> and
> > keeping them and not letting them stay to another Distro.
> Ned, do I hear someone volunteering to write a new Wiki section? (I
> don't think a *separate* Wiki for the new users, be they M$ Windoze
> departees or not, is a good idea.) Perhaps this discussion should be
> continued on the CentOS-docs list?
> Alan

Maybe I need to Subscribe to it later today. """Ned, do I hear someone
volunteering to write a new Wiki section?""" Possibly So. I have the
extra time on weekends to give to it.
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