[CentOS] Apache Authorization Access Control - location of htpasswd in Centos 5.1?

Mon Apr 7 01:17:43 UTC 2008
Pam Astor <pamastor at hotmail.com>

> > I’m trying to set up a private family web site for genealogy, and want to set up Apache Authorization access control for this site, and once the user has logged in has access to the entire site. I’ve been reading the info at http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/howto/auth.html to learn how to do this. I’m just planning on passing out the same username and password to all family members and allow everyone in the family to use the same username and password, to keep things simple. The server is running Centos 5.1.> > > > Is there any reason not to give each user his own login:password? it > starts as "user friendly" and it ends up as a zombie...
OK I guess that makes sense, you mean if several people are logging in as the same user
the process will stay running and it's easier to hack?
> > > > The first problem I am running into – I’m trying to use the htpasswd utility that came with Apache 2.2 to create a password file. The default location according to above URL is in /usr/local/apache2/bin/htpasswd but apparently it’s not located there in my install. > > > > I tried creating a password file by executing htpasswd -c /passwd/passwords famsite but apparently htpasswd is not in my path, I’m getting the “cannot create file /passwd/passwords famsite” error.
On another note, with this forums help I was able to create the user and password, so 
at least that problem is resolved.
 > > you can have a lot of fun under unix. try these:> > # cp /a/foo /b/bar> ...> > > > How about creating the directory?> # mkdir /passwd> # cd /passwd> # htpsswd -c passwords famsite
Yup that works, at least one problem solved thanks. 
> > that said, /passwd is a bad choice. /etc/httpd/security is better.
OK will do.  Question though, if both /passwd and /etc/httpd/security are both
owned by apache user, then is there really a difference in security between 
using either /passwd or /etc/httpd/security ?  As long as my permissions are properly
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