[CentOS] Re: MS Exchange Replacement

Mon Apr 7 13:49:58 UTC 2008
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

Jun Salen wrote:
> Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> What is the closest open source mail server I can replace exchange 
>> with that provides the nearest equivalent in user experience?
>> Thanks!
>> jlc
> I use Zimbra OS Edition with more than 300 users, Ajax and HTML capable and very easy to setup. Looks professional in terms of interface. Good community too. The only problem is that it was bought by Yahoo which is planning to buy by M$, but since OS version was GPL, then I assume that the project will continue even after acquired by M$. Maybe. 

it is NOT GPL, it is YPL 
<http://www.zimbra.com/license/yahoo_public_license_1.0.html> and can 
not be redistributed without attribution ... so if the M$ buy out 
happens there is no guarantee that another version could be made under 
the terms of the YPL.

There has been MUCH dismay about this in the Zimbra forums ... and we 
will have to see what happens if the buyout happens.


So, I like zimbra as an exchange replacement, but I would not recommend 
it for NEW installs.

This is another example of how the license "DOES MATTER".

But then again, I am a GPL "kool-aid" drinker, so take my opinion with a 
grain of salt.

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