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Tue Apr 8 12:55:21 UTC 2008
Fred Kienker <fred at at4b.com>

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> On Mon, Apr 07, 2008, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> >Jun Salen wrote:
> >>Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> >>>What is the closest open source mail server I can replace exchange 
> >>>with that provides the nearest equivalent in user experience?
> >>>
> >>>Thanks!
> >>>jlc
> >>
> >>I use Zimbra OS Edition with more than 300 users, Ajax and HTML 
> >>capable and very easy to setup. Looks professional in terms of 
> >>interface. Good community too. The only problem is that it 
> was bought 
> >>by Yahoo which is planning to buy by M$, but since OS 
> version was GPL, 
> >>then I assume that the project will continue even after 
> acquired by M$. Maybe.
> >
> >it is NOT GPL, it is YPL
> ><http://www.zimbra.com/license/yahoo_public_license_1.0.html>
>  and can 
> >not be redistributed without attribution ... so if the M$ buy out 
> >happens there is no guarantee that another version could be 
> made under 
> >the terms of the YPL.
> >
> >There has been MUCH dismay about this in the Zimbra forums 
> ... and we 
> >will have to see what happens if the buyout happens.
> As well there should be.  Microsoft has a long history of 
> buying software companies that have *nix solutions that 
> compete with their own products, then killing the *nix 
> versions (RealWorld and other accounting software comes to mind).
> At one time HP had a promising Exchange replacement, which 
> they dropped.  There are those who think that M$ brought 
> pressure on HP to drop this, and HP probably sells far more 
> systems running Windows than they do running *nix systems.
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The HP product OpenMail lives on as Scalix. It's not the best license but it has a goood community. They were purchased in the fall of 2007 by Xandros which has a "special relationship" with Microsoft. It's a bit of a worry but so far so good.

Scalix can push email to Blackberry's and the Blackberry desktop sync program works well with the Scalix - Outlook combination. Scalix promises better integration "shortly".

While it installs with sendmail, it does allow use of postfix, amavis, spamassasin, and clam. For the most part "plays well with others." Like Zimbra it does tend to take over but not NEARLY to the same extent. For example we have successfully integrated Samba on the same server with good results. YMMV

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