[CentOS] Force sendmail outbound routing for specific domain name

Thu Apr 10 03:39:47 UTC 2008
Hugh E Cruickshank <hugh at forsoft.com>

From: lists-centos Sent: April 9, 2008 20:29
> you could use the sendmail "smarthost" setting to dump all your
> outbound mail on your isp's mail server.

We used to do that on our old SCO OSR5 box but I stopped doing that
when I switched over to the new CentOS4 system. For the life of me
I can not recall why but I must have had a reason. I will check that
out as an alternative.

> you don't explain what the problem is, e.g., inability to connect to
> their server, etc. 

The connection to the client's mail server times out.

> of course the real solution is to resolve the underlying problem
> since of course the isp's kludge will break now and then.

Too true. Eventually we will be moving the whole shebang to a co-lo
facility so that will probably avoid the problem as well (a little
overkill but it should work).

Thanks, Hugh

Hugh E Cruickshank, Forward Software, www.forward-software.com