[CentOS] Building a 64bit rpm

Fri Apr 11 14:10:43 UTC 2008
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-04-08 at 10:49 -0600, Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> I want to build the 64bit version of Xen 3.2, they only show one srpm
>> available. I assume if its compiled on a x86_64 version of CentOS 5.1
>> it will be a 64bit rpm when its done?
> Yes.
>> I am aware its not good to build as root but out of curiosity, if I
>> used a vm that I would later destroy, is the only caveat to building
>> as root potential damage to the build system, or can the actual rpm be
>> built incorrectly?
> Both. Consider using mock.

Ignacio's suggestion to use mock, especially on x86_64 is a good one.

You will have an endless source of problems trying to build x86_64 RPMS 
on a normally installed tree if there are any i386 packages on there 
except for:

glibc.i686 and glibc-devel.i386

AND ... if you have not installed from a x86_64 ONLY tree, then you do 
have i386 packages on your x86_64 machine.

If, however, you configure mock properly (and EPEL should have some good 
config files for centos too I think) then you will get good clean 
buildroots for your x86_64 packages.

Trying to build packages with i[3,4,5,6]86 stuff polluting your 
buildroots can cause you to link to the wrong libraries or cause you to 
not be able to build things with ld errors.  Building on multilib arches 
is not the easiest thing to do.

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