[CentOS] 12V computing?

Sat Apr 12 04:28:38 UTC 2008
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

jim wrote:
> 12VDC is appropriate for places that don't have 
> other electrical supplies. these places include 
> automobiles and boats as well as remote regions 
> that use windmills, creekmills, solar panels, 
> car batteries, and deep discharge gel batteries, 
> possibly in a mix. typically there's noise and 
> variant voltage levels above the nominal 12VDC; 
> any system should be designed to work with spikes, 
> noise, and higher voltages--most are as a matter 
> of course. 

and, of course, you need 10 times the amperage at 12V... For instance, a 
250 watt system that would draw about 2 amps at 120V will be drawing 20 
amps at 12V.   this means that you need much heavier gauge power wiring, 
especially for long runs.