[CentOS] Command to get tape capacity status?

Sat Apr 12 10:25:58 UTC 2008
Pierre Bourgin <pierre.bourgin at arteris.com>

Scott R. Ehrlich wrote:
> I have an Overland tape library connected, via SCSI card, to an 
> out-of-box, full install of C5 install on an old PC.
> I have a script that uses tar to archive data to tape and mtx to change 
> tapes.  What I don't know, if possible, is to obtain the status of how 
> much tape is left in the drive.   If I get a write failure, I'd like to 
> know if the tape is bad or has run out of space.

you can retrieve the current block number with the comand if you're 
using the non-rewind device:

tar cf /dev/nst0 file1 file2 ....   # your tar command
mt -f /dev/nst0 tell                # tell which is the current block

Pierre Bourgin