[CentOS] Re: Mozilla in centos

Sun Apr 13 09:24:20 UTC 2008
Felix Schwarz <Felix.Schwarz at web.de>

gopinath wrote:
> how to deny changes to proxy setting in Mozilla firefox . Please help me out.

Please elaborate a bit more.

Do you want to prevent your users from changing the proxy settings in 
Firefox? If this is true, then:
1. This is not a CentOS specific question. You're more likely to get help
    in a Firefox-related newsgroup/mailing list.
2. I don't think this is possible with Firefox. There is no lockdown
    concept unless you prevent a user from changing his/her prefs.js
    (setting the immutable bit with ext3) but then the user can not change
    any setting in Firefox (and he could just create a new profile).