[CentOS] fastrack channel?

Sun Apr 13 11:40:39 UTC 2008
Rainer Traut <tr.ml at gmx.de>

Johnny Hughes schrieb:
> Rainer Traut wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> will there be a fastrack channel for C5?
>> What are the problems inventing one?
>> Thx
>> Rainer
> There is a centos 5 fast track channel now, however populating it is the 
> problem.
> We are currently working to get yum-security, RHWAS for c5, openjdk, 
> CentOS Directory Server, the new freenx-client, open-vmware-tools, DRBD 
> and Heartbeat working.

> We are also trying to release ia64, ppc and sparc for CentOS-5.
> OH .. and we are trying to deploy puppet thoughout the CentOS 
> infrastructure.
> Did I mention that we don't get paid for this :D

No and you don't have to.
I (and probably everyone here on the list) appreciate very much what 
you're doing and how.

> So, adding something else to the mix is going to take a while.
> But, yes, we are aware that there is a fastrack channel upstream for 
> el5, yes :D

Yes, they have about 190 packages right now.