[CentOS] MS Exchange to CentOs (multiuser)

Mon Apr 14 13:26:32 UTC 2008
Frank M. Ramaekers <FRamaekers at ailife.com>

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>Frank M. Ramaekers wrote:
>> Is there a way to get mail from a MS Exchange server that is
>> as user at host.domain.com rather than the user at domain.com so that users
>> host.domain.com can read their mail on that host (CentOS).   (I'm
>> assuming that Exchange needs to know about host.domain.com, somehow.)
>The way mailers would know about host.domain.com is to look it up in 
>DNS.  They will try for an MX record first, then an A record if the MX 
>doesn't exist.  If that directs it to the right place, port 25 is open 
>between them, and the receiving machine is configured properly 
>everything should work.
>   Les Mikesell
1)	host.domain.com is in the DNS
2)	No MX record for host.domain.com
3)	host.domain.com has smtp
tcp        0      0 localhost.localdomain:smtp  *:*
4)	Configured properly?  Don't know, what is proper?

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