[CentOS] merge an lvm snapshot back

Mon Apr 14 15:06:21 UTC 2008
Toby Bluhm <tkb at midwestinstruments.com>

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> You need to start by reading some of the docs on LVM2.
>> eg. nothing stops you from mounting a snapshot back onto the same
>> mountpoint you snaped from.
> I understand that, but where I am unsure is how space in the vg relates to this? Will this not require much additional space, what if I need to do this a continued basis?

You make the snapshot with a given size. That size should be large 
enough to hold all expected _changed_  /or/  _new_  stuff. Whatever is 
not changed or new, lvm simply points back to the original lv. If you 
need to add more space to the snapshot, do an lvextend on it.

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