[CentOS] 12V computing?

Tue Apr 15 16:49:10 UTC 2008
Ben Gore <ben at cleocat.com>

We use 12 volt systems because we already have 12 volt power present for 
other equipment in our applications. Previously, we used a UPS or 
battery powered inverter system that ran on --- 12 volts. We decided to 
"remove the middleman" so to speak. This gives us a number of battery 
charging options and makes the whole system more efficient then 
converting the power back and forth 2 or three times, besides saving to 
cost and space of the additional equipment.

The Via boards and processors running CentOS have been reliable and draw 
a reasonable amount of power for what they are doing. This may not be 
the best solution for heavy-duty computing, but in our medium-duty 
application which involves mostly system management and media conversion 
using codecs they do just fine.


jim wrote:
> 12VDC is appropriate for places that don't have 
> other electrical supplies. these places include 
> automobiles and boats as well as remote regions 
> that use windmills, creekmills, solar panels, 
> car batteries, and deep discharge gel batteries, 
> possibly in a mix. typically there's noise and 
> variant voltage levels above the nominal 12VDC; 
> any system should be designed to work with spikes, 
> noise, and higher voltages--most are as a matter 
> of course.