[CentOS] Interface bonding?

Tue Apr 15 22:27:20 UTC 2008
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

Timothy Selivanow wrote:
> I've changed the switch out, unfortunately to something that I know
> doesn't support 802.3ad, but I'm still unable to get aggregate link
> bandwidth using mode 0, 2, and 6.  I'm using scp to test the bandwidth,
> one machine with one interface, one with two bonded, and one with three
> bonded.  No matter the combination of who is sending/receiving the
> files, no increase in throughput.
> Would using a x-over cable on two machines, using two interfaces each,
> with 802.3ad (or other mode...) on both hosts work?  My inclination is
> that the aggregating protocol needs a shared bus to negotiate, and
> putting each channel on it's own bus (x-over cable) would defeat that...

AFAIK, bonding can not give increased bandwidth between two hosts - the 
maximum you can ever get is the bandwidth of one of the links i.e. if 
you have a server with say 4 bonded interfaces, any one client can only 
get a maximum bandwidth of one of the interfaces on the server.

I've used 2 bonded (mode 6) Gigabit interfaces on NFS servers and can 
get 200+Mbyte/s read speeds using multiple clients

James Pearson