[CentOS] Diskless Environment

Wed Apr 16 07:28:46 UTC 2008
gopinath <gopinath at signal-networks.com>


 according to the configuration defined in the below link i had configured
on my PC.
But when i do network boot on diskless Pc.

It obtains ip from dhcp server
then it also loads the defaults file in the pxelinux.cfg directory kept on
the tftp server

then it displays

Welcome to Redhat Network Install

some snake symbol

Enter the number of the Operation system for network install

0: Local Disk

Loading from the local disk..

please help me out is there anything extra to be done ..

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> gopinath wrote:
> > How to configure Diskless environment in CentOS 5.1. Please help me out
> I have a small guide to setting up an NFS server and then dishing out
> diskless clients across PXE booting. It's out of date as I've not had
> time to update it to pertain to CentOS 5.1 explicitly, but it should be
> relevant and almost the same.
> <http://www.maxsworld.org/index.php/how-tos/rhel-diskless-clients>
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