[CentOS] Simulate RJ 45 Port

Fri Apr 18 05:35:00 UTC 2008
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

gopinath wrote:
> how to simulate a RJ 45 port to act as serial port any option in 
> Centos 5.1. Please help me out on this.

huh?     You'll have to be a WHOLE lot more explicit as to what you want 
to do here.  

on x86 hardware, RJ45 ports are almost always ethernet, serial ports 
generally use DB9 connectors.   

On some other servers like Sun Sparc and IBM Power systems, RJ45 ports 
are sometimes used for serial console connections, but those ports are 
wired up to UARTs (asynchronous communication adapters) rather than 
ethernet network interface adapters.