[CentOS] Can't get .htaccess to work

Sat Apr 19 17:54:17 UTC 2008
Pam Astor <pamastor at hotmail.com>

> Jim, you forget that he's using .htaccess, the above cannot work there. He > has to leave that out.> > Pam: if you can access the directory just fine this does *not* mean that > you misconfigured your .htaccess file (although it looked like that as > well), it means it is not getting used at all. An .htaccess file that is > not allowed by server config or that contains wrong configuration throws a > 500 Internal Server Error. You have also been told a while back I think > that you should look in the logs. Did you do that? I don't remember having > seen any response from you about that.> Do the following: place a single fake command like "this is a fake > command" in your .htaccess file and then access the directory. If you > don't get a 500 error, the file is not getting used. Which means next step > is to check your logs and your configuration why it's not getting used and > also double-check that it's in the correct directory and you access the > correct directory (as I don't know what content you have there this > content may either be identifying it uniquely or not).> > You should also read the Apache documentation at httpd.apache.org, it may > help you find that probably tiny mistake that you make, but we can't tell > you as we don't see all of the picture. You should also read up on how you > can achieve the password protection without an .htaccess file. This file > is completely unnecessary if you have access to the apache conf, anyway.
OK, I put the fake command in and now I'm getting an error via web page:
Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Here are the last two log file entries for that httpd request:
12.34.567.89 - - [19/Apr/2008:13:46:23 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 500 61612.34.567.89 - - [19/Apr/2008:13:47:12 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 20
I Changed the IP's.
I guess there were two seperate errors, the last error - even when I corrected and removed the fake
command and reloaded, I could not access the site, so the second error indicates the fake message removed
but all else being (supposedly) correct the same in the conf.d file.  Then I deleted .htaccess and .htpasswd and now I can
again access the site again.
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