[CentOS] Kickstart network settings problem

Tue Apr 22 14:28:34 UTC 2008
Plant, Dean <dean.plant at roke.co.uk>

James Pearson wrote:
> Plant, Dean wrote:
>> I would like one of my kickstart scripts to prompt for disk and
>> networking only. Commenting out the disk and network settings makes
>> the installer prompt for disk settings but not for network settings,
>> they default to DHCP. Any idea's how to fix this?
> I think you need to have the network settings defined - something
> like: 
> network --bootproto static
> If you don't give it an IP address (with the --ip option), then it
> will prompt for it. This is what I do for NFS installs - as my
> netmask, gateway and nameserver addresses are static, I also give
> these on the network line.

Does not work, still defaults to DHCP with no prompt. Also if it makes
any difference im using v5.1.

I have tried with the 2 network lines shown below in the kickstart file,
with and without interactive variable. Still no network configuration
screen. :-(

Below is my test kickstart.

#platform=x86, AMD64, or Intel EM64T

# System authorization information
authconfig --enableshadow --enablemd5

# System bootloader configuration
bootloader --location=mbr --md5pass=apssword

# Reboot after installation

# Interactive

# Use graphical install

# Firewall configuration
firewall --disabled

# Run the Setup Agent on first boot
firstboot --disable

# System keyboard
keyboard uk

# Network settings

#network --bootproto=static --device=eth0 --gateway=
--nameserver= --netmask= --onboot=on
network --bootproto=static

# System language
lang en_GB

# Installation logging level
# Use this to debug
logging --host=alogmachine.domain.co.uk --level=info

# Use network installation
url --url=http://amachine.domain.co.uk/5/en/os/i386/

# Root password
rootpw --iscrypted apassword

# SELinux configuration
selinux --disabled

# System timezone
timezone --isUtc Europe/London

# Install OS instead of upgrade

# XWindows configuration information
xconfig --depth=16 --resolution=1280x1024 --defaultdesktop=GNOME